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As a boutique winery, Rivendell strives to become one of the finest producers of Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Rosé in South Africa, catering to the palate of the purist. Our awarded wines are well complemented by excellent service and friendly staff.

Wine is one of the few beverages that hold intellectual as well as sensory appeal, and if examined closely, each Rivendell wine embodies a miniature study reflecting our rich cultural heritage, agricultural approach and commitment to quality.

Processed according to South African standards, state of the art technology and environmentally friendly practices, our wines are crafted to perfection.

Viticulture and Cultivars in the Bot River area

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The Bot River area stretches from the Bot River Lagoon into the Groenlandberg and Babylonstoren mountain ranges.  Due to its close proximately to the Lagoon and Walker bay, the area is well known for its cool maritime climate, with cooling afternoon winds blowing up the valley from the sea.

Soils are mainly homogenous Bokkeveld shale (predominantly Glen Rosa and Klapmuts) and Table Mountain sandstone. Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinotage, Shiraz and other Rhône varietals fare particularly well here.

The Chenin Blanc cultivar is the star of the Bot River valley producing internationally acclaimed, award-winning vintages year after year. 

Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz, Rivendell's specialities, follow with Cabernet Sauvignon and small quantities of Chardonnay, Pinotage, Mourvédre and Verdelho completing the profile. 

Our Wines

  • Rivendell is nestled between the cool Southern facing slope of the Limiet mountain, forming part of the Kogelberg biosphere, and the edge of the Bot River lagoon. 
  • Individual attention is given to every vine planted.  Our Mediterranean climate and moderate rainfall, combined with the cool Atlantic Ocean breeze, ensures a slow ripening process to develop flavours most suited to produce our boutique wines.  Our grapes are harvested by hand and our wines produced according to South African standards.
  • The vines were planted on laterite gravel on clay, weathered Table Mountain Sandstone & Bokkeveld shale. Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz vines were planted, as these two cultivars are ideal for the unique maritime climate of the farm. Three clones were planted on an area of 4.34 ha (Sauvignon Blanc vines: 2.92 ha; Shiraz: 1.42 ha) in 2008.  Most of the Sauvignon Blanc vines were planted on the sandy laterite soil and the Shiraz on laterite gravel and clay soil of weathered shale.
  • Rivendell harvested their first grapes in 2011, signalling the estate's maiden vintage release, with a superb Sauvignon Blanc.
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Wine Tasting

Visitors to our attractive wine tasting facility will experience a combination of true European and South African hospitality.

Wine tastings are charged at R20 per person (4 wines included).

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