Cultural Heritage


It all started way back in the 1900’s with Heimo’s maternal great-grandparents, Franz Knittelfelder and Franz and Josefa Frisch who owned vineyards in the Austrian province of Styria and were involved in the hospitality industry.

The vineyards were unfortunately on the other side of the river Mur which became the border between Austria and former Yugoslavia and the great-grandparents lost their wine farm and their interest in producing wine.

It was not to end there, Heimo’s grandfather Hugo, who was a coppersmith, was inspired by the noble taste of top-quality beverages produced from grapes and he founded a company which built distillers for brandy, grappa and spirits.

Austrian Hungarian Monarchy (Vineyard location in Southern Styria)

Franz und Josefa Frisch

Franz Frisch

Copper Distiller

Hugo Thalhammer

Heimo has followed his inherited passion for hospitality and vineyards and, with Maria, fell in love with South Africa and Rivendell™ after several visits here. They bought and founded the boutique, 8.5Ha estate in 2006. The soil and vines were entrusted to experienced viticulturist Schalk du Toit and the wine to third generation winemaker, Kobie Viljoen.

Rivendell Today

Rivendells™ Team

The different Rivendell™ businesses are managed according to the process flows of the organizational chart. Rivendell™ grows grapes and olives and maintains its own farm team. We offer wine tasting and cellar door sales at the farm. An outsourced restaurant hosts guests for lunch, dinner and functions.

The Owners

Heimo Thalhammer

Maria Thalhammer

The Management

Carin Carr

From the Soil to the Enjoyment

The Viticulturist and his Team

At the Wine Tasting Venue