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Although Heimo visited the area as student before, the Botriver Valley, with its postcard beauty, stole Heimo and Maria Thalhammer’s hearts when they first arrived here.

They were enchanted by the ideal cool Walker Bay climate, protection by the shade of the Kogelberg mountain range as well as being close to the sea and the lagoon.

Passionate about winemaking, Rivendell was born when they decided to continue in the wine making tradition of Heimo's Austrian great-grandparents who owned vineyards in the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy in the lower part of the Austrian province of Styria. Styria is known today as the traditional Slovenian region Spodnja Štajerska - in the 19th and early 20th century, and so the dream of a young student came to life more than 35 years later.

In 2007 an experienced viticulturist started to investigate the specific location of Rivendell and after having exploited many samples of the soil the decision was made to plant Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz vines late in 2008.

The production of wine was not uncommon at Rivendell. Neighbours reported on a passionate winemaker and farm owner who produced a Pinot Noir in the eighties of the last century.

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Situated on the Whale Route, at one with nature and its surrounds, Rivendell, like its wine, epitomizes harmony and tranquility, coupled with vibrancy and a spirit of adventure, whilst retaining a classic elegance.

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